Terms of sale


AUTORENT-CARAIB, also referred to the lessor,leases the tenant signing this contract, the vehicle mentioned on the front, on terms and conditions hereafter that the tenant agrees wholeheartedly.

ARTICLE 1 - The tenant is guard and vehicle master (art.1384 of the Civil Code). The tenant agrees to use every closures systems and protect of the rented car at each leftover, and keep the key, photocopy of registration certificate,certificate of insurance and the vehicle insurance policy, out of the vehicle and out of reach of ill-intentioned people. The owner points to the tenant on the risks of theft of personal belongings unattended on beaches.

ARTICLE 2 - The hiring is personal, non-transferable and only the people named on the rental agreement are allowed to drive the vehicle. The drivers are to be over 21 year old and in possession of a valid driving license older than 3 years, corresponding to the selected car. All exceptions with these terms and stipulations are subject to a prior written agreement of the lessor. The company reserves the right to terminate the lease at any time by paying the tenant the amount of unused days.

ARTICLE 3 - The rental day means a day of 24 consecutive hours. Every day exceeded one hour account for a whole day. The return of the vehicle, its keys and copies of registration papers and insurance certificate are only the only way to end the contract ,the tenant has to pay if restitution does not intervene, even for reasons beyond its control, including  judicial and administrative decisions.

ARTICLE 4- The vehicle is delivered clean and must be returned in the same condition internally and externally. Otherwise a cleaning fee of 25€ will be charged.

ARTICLE 5 - Fuel costs are the responsibility of the tenant. The tenant must return the vehicle with the same fuel level to that of departure, otherwise the lessor will charge the missing fuel plus service fee of 10 €.

ARTICLE 6 - The rent is payable in advance. From the moment a rental is no longer covered by sufficient funds, the tenant loses the benefit of the guarantees arising from these conditions. Failure to return the vehicle to the agreed return date constitutes a misuse exposing the tenant to prosecution. In addition, each day of delay is charged at the rate in force increased by 50% as compensation.

ARTICLE 7 - Before collecting of the vehicle, the tenant must pay to the company  a deposit related to the rented car category. Are only accepted as such credit cards. This payment guarantee all or part of its obligations, including accident, default, late rent, lack of fuel on return, dirty vehicle, traffic fines ... The amount of the guarantee is allocated to the company in any property for the amounts owed by the tenant, and which, by express agreement is formally accepted by him. The tenant authorizes the use of numbers and dates of validity of the card indicated on the front of this agreement to proceed with the collection.

ARTICLE 8 - licensed drivers acting as agents of the tenant remains liable to the company for the full implementation of these conditions. Upon delivery of the vehicle itself or its agent, the tenant is fully responsible in terms of the art 1384 of the civil code: no subordination only between him and the company, it cannot be sought due to infringement by the latter to the rules for driving vehicles in accordance with the art-21 of the order of 15 December 1958 and that both the principal legal costs, the tenant will reimburse society, all such costs may be paid in its place and time.

ARTICLE 9 - The vehicle is delivered in good condition and must be returned in the same condition except for normal wear. By accepting this contract, the lessee accepts the vehicle in the state. As conductor, the tenant is deemed competent to check the condition of the vehicle during the rental period. Any abnormal noise, breakdown, damage, loss or theft of items and default behavior should be reported immediately to the company. The owner is at the disposal of the tenant to carry out a check.

ARTICLE 10 - The tenant agrees:

A: only to drive the vehicle by persons meeting the requirements of Article 2.

B: to use it only on specific routes to traffic in good father without participation in rallies, competitions, car racing of all kinds, etc.

C: not to transport paying passengers or greater in number to that of the vehicle seats specified on the registration documents.

D: not to use the vehicle for purposes other than those provided by the manufacturer and authorized by the laws, rulings and regulations.

E: not to make any technical modification, mechanical or bodywork of the vehicle, not to remove or add any accessories.

F: not to tow a trailer or other vehicle.

G: to return the vehicle to the workshops of the company for maintenance.

H: to return the vehicle to the premises, date and time indicated on the front of this contract.

I: supply the written statement of any accident within 24 hours, including all the information on the circumstances of the accident, the identity of the parties and witnesses; to inform without delay the company and the Police or Gendarmerie in case of fire or theft of the vehicle.

J: unless express prior written consent of the company, the vehicles can not in any case be embarked by boat, ferry, ship, ferry, plane or leave the department of Martinique.

ARTICLE 11 - The owner has purchased an insurance contract on its own behalf and on behalf of its tenants, which guarantees the civil responsibility of the driver due to the damage caused to others, damage to the rented vehicle as the result of fire, forces of nature or natural disaster. The general and special conditions of contract mentioned above refer to the detailed definition of guarantees. The fire safeguards, forces of nature and natural disasters are subject to a deductible of € 760 (seven hundred and sixty euros) or € 1,100 (one thousand hundred Euros).

ARTICLE 12 - The tenant signed a statutory insurance. The theft of the rented vehicle, the broken windows and damage to the rented vehicle resulting from an accident are thus guaranteed.

The warranty damage to the rented vehicle is subject to a deductible ok 700€ / 800€ / 850€ / 1200€ (depending on the vehicle rented)

The glass breakage warranty is subject to a deductible of € 200 (two hundred euros)

ARTICLE 13 - In case of disaster, are never guaranteed and remains due by the tenant:

- Damage caused by a driver not in possession of a valid driving license.

- Damage caused by the driver while drunk or under the influence of drugs or medication that could alter his behavior.

- Damage caused intentionally by the tenant.

- Damage of any kind to the vehicle in the event of impoundment.

- Towing costs, parking and repatriation of the vehicle

- The damage to tires

- Damage caused during attempted theft

- Theft or attempted theft involving the complicity of the tenant or his familiar

- Transported effects

- Isolated stolen vehicle components (wheels, hubcaps, windscreen wipers, antenna, mirror, radio, vehicle tool ...)

- Damage to vandalism, riot, war, crowd movement

- Damage to the vehicle is used in violation of Article 10 of the rental conditions.

-The breakage of the engine sump & all that may depend, deterioration of the radiator by external object, the damage on the lower parts of the vehicle (below the bumper), the damage under the vehicle.

- Damage on the upper parts of the vehicle.

ARTICLE 14 - The occurrence of any accident involving the rented vehicle must be declared in a written statement to the renter within 24 hours and must clearly and legibly state:

- The date, place and circumstances of the incident

- The name of the driver of the rented vehicle and contact information

- The names of any third parties involved and their contact information if necessary

- The registration number, color, make, Policy number with the name of the insurance company of all vehicles involved if necessary

- Name and contact information of witnesses if necessary

- If a complaint or statement filed with the competent authorities

An accident report must always be written and signed by the parties concerned and be provided to the lessor. In the case of refusal to participate in the drafting and / or signing the statement by the opposing parties, the tenant must still write the only accident report and provide the lessor.

ARTICLE 15 - If the vehicle is stolen, the key, the photocopy of the car registration and proof of insurance and the insurance contract must necessarily be returned to the lessor

Otherwise, the tenant loses the benefit of the theft guarantee if it was purchased.

ARTICLE 16 - In case of theft of the rented vehicle, the renter must make a declaration of theft to the competent authorities and inform the lessor immediately.

ARTICLE 17 - In case of dispute, it will be made allocation of jurisdiction in Fort Tribunal de France.

ARTICLE 18 - The establishment of the part of the tenant's responsibility upon the occurrence of a disaster is determined by GFA Insurances to the documents provided to the lessor. The owner points to the tenant the need to provide a maximum of elements and readable documents. A poorly or incompletely filled accident report can induce an unfavorable decision.

The identification of third parties involved in the accident by their signature of an accident report and / or production of evidence is a crucial element in determining liability.

ARTICLE 19 - During a disaster or theft, payment of deductibles, reimbursement for damage to the rental vehicle or its market value estimated by an expert in case of theft or if declared economically irreparable, are due by the tenant immediately and are not subrogated to the effective implementation of the repair or replacement of the vehicle.

ARTICLE 20 - The amount of damage to the rental vehicle and costs arising from any disaster are determined by agreement between the tenant and the owner. The owner has, for this purpose, a list below the tenant is required to pay in case of disaster. In case of disagreement, the amount of damages will be determined by an expert. In this case, the expert's fees shall be paid by the tenant. Administrative fees are due to the flat rate of € 20 (twenty euros).

List of corresponding rates at current damage (which must be added the capital costs and disaster management):

ARTICLE 21 - The subscription of additional guarantees to those subscribed in this lease to an outside insurer, including the guarantees included in certain credit cards, does not relieve the tenant of its obligations of repayment of amounts due to the lessor in case of disaster. The tenant pays the amounts due to the lessor and is then reimbursed by their insurer if available. The owner is not aware of the detailed terms of these external contracts and invited the renter to read it before the rental of the vehicle.

ARTICLE 22 - In case of multiple claims during the rental period, each claim is set independently. Franchises are applicable to each claim.

ARTICLE 23 - Waivers for in Articles 11 and 12 are doubled when at least one of the drivers in the contract is under 23 years or under 3 years of license.

ARTICLE 24 - In the case of early return of the vehicle, the lessor is entitled to charge the following amounts for breach of the lease:

Vehicle Recovery Charges: 30 €

Anticipated returns : 100% of the remaining days of the daily rental rate. (Except in cases of force majeure on production of supporting documents)

ARTICLE 25 - The reservation cancellations and refunds will be executed and according to the following:

- Cancellation over 15 days, full refund of the money collected,

- Cancellation from 15 days to 7 days, 50% refund of the money collected,

- Cancellation less than 7 days, loss of all money collected.

ARTICLE 26 -  Rates for current damages (claims handling expenses not included)

Total liability of the tenant in case of radiator damage, crankcase and all that may depend (on request).

Vehicle Recovery Charges: 60 €

Cleaning fee: € 25

Delivery cost of spare key : 50 €

Repair costs of a tire: 30 €

Replacing lost or damaged key: 290 €

The theft of the key results in the complete replacement of all the barrels, and all keys from the ignition switch: DEPOSIT

Antenna: 30 €

Outside rearview glass: quotation

Complete mirror: quotation

Deterioration of paint on a body panel without deformation: 200 € per panel

Repairable deformation of a body panel: 300 €

Repairable deformation two body panels : DEPOSIT

Deformation requiring replacement of an item or more : DEPOSIT